Apply for funds

Monies in the Martha's Song program may be used for cancer-related needs not covered by insurance


  1. Must be a resident of Robertson County

  2. Must have needs that are related to the diagnosis of cancer

  3. Must send in application or fill out online application AND any related materials to Martha's Song.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out application. (Link provided at top and bottom of page. Email to request a paper version of application)

  2. Secure a letter from your doctor or oncologist stating you have cancer.

  3. Collect unpaid cancer-related bills or receipts and include them with your application. (ex: Cancer medication co-pay receipts from your pharmacy, hospital bills (paid or still owed), receipts or invoices for wigs or other cancer-related needs, etc.)

  4. Mail the application to the address below (paper version), submit the online form, or call Freda Herndon (615-533-0635) to hand deliver.

  5. If your request is approved, you will be notified and arrangements made for payment.

  6. The limit per recipient is $500.00

Address or P.O. Box information Here

Other requests:

  1. Any other requests will be reviewed by the Martha's Song executive committee and approved by the foundations board within these guidelines.

  2. Requests for assistance beyond this policy will be based on available funds.

In some instances, more than one grant may be given for cancer re-occurrences when the cancer has metastasized to other areas.


Do we mention that they can apply for someone else?